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Status Under review
Created by Daniel Neuhoff
Created on Jul 5, 2022

Performance Reports - additional filter for office hours

While the performance reports include the option to filter for day/week/month along with a specified timeframe per day, there is no option to filter for specific hours and timeframes over a longer period, e.g. I want to have a report for a full week or month only considering those calls that were active during office/business hours.

  • Grant Clark
    Jan 31, 2024

    This would be a big help for multi-shift operations that share desks.

  • Laurent Lafon
    May 29, 2023

    This is also a request from a big client in France. having performance reports including out of business hours call are missleading to judge user performance.

  • Andrew Bockholt
    Mar 22, 2023

    please give me back my performance reports, the LOB BETA are not showing correct data and are not as configurable either

  • Steven Basmacioglu
    Oct 7, 2022

    wold be very helpful to get more accurate reports

  • Amanda Mulligan
    Oct 3, 2022

    Would also love an option to "Lock" these office hours, so I can search day by day without hours changing.