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Status Under review
Created by Cole Devitt
Created on Jul 8, 2022

Option to schedule the user invite email to be sent on a specific date.

I frequently create extensions ahead of time for new users in my environment. Lets say Jane Doe starts on Monday morning, I'll have everything set up and done for her Friday afternoon, including her new RingCentral extension so she's ready to get into training first thing on Monday.

Unfortunately the existing options when creating an extension leave something to be desired here.

If I send the invite immediately the same day, by Monday it has expired and our training staff end up asking for it to be resent. That's not smooth onboarding, and is also re-work.

If I set credentials manually, I have to communicate them to the new user, which is extra steps for new user compared to the usual invite email process.

If I do not send the invite or set credentials ahead of time, I have to set a calendar reminder or some other notification for myself somewhere so that I remember to go back into the RC portal and send the invite to Jane Doe come Monday morning, which is extra work for me.

While all three options certainly have valid use cases, can we get a 4th option to select a date for the backend to send the email? In the above example, I'd love to just put in the Jane Doe's start date into a date field and then the RC backend just sends the email and they're able to use it right away.

No re-work, no extra steps for the user, no reminders for me. Simple!