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Status Under review
Created by Andre Lampa
Created on Jul 11, 2022

disable auto-generated text features

In a video meeting, I turned on auto-transcription and made a recording.

I see in my meeting playback that there are auto-generated items: brief summary, keywords, summary, topics, and highlights. This is a very impressive and generous feature set.

However, due to errors in the accuracy of auto-generated content (limitations of voice recognition and AI interpretation), and the very sensitive nature of my meetings, I would like the option to turn off the generation and/or display of all of these features.

As examples of problem scenarios, if I am showing someone a recording from my list, and I share my screen before selecting the recording to be played back, they might see the auto-generated brief summary and keywords visible from other meetings in the list that should be kept private.

Or, if I'm showing a recording by sharing the viewer screen, the viewer may see the inaccurate auto-generated content (summary, topics, and highlights) and become concerned that wrong information is believed or spread by me.

I would prefer two other features:

- ability to correct the transcript within the player
- ability to make my own highlight selections within the player

Otherwise, I will have to forego the player with linked transcript, and download and use a conventional video player.