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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Richard Valenta
Created on Jul 11, 2022

Voicemail Envelope information

Add an option to press a button (ex: 7) in the mailbox that plays the date/time/callerID and CallerID name of the voicemail in the mailbox. Otherwise there is no way to know by listening to a voicemail what the caller ID is. Also, there is no way to log into the web interface of a voicemail to check unless it is a call queue or your own mailbox. So, when sharing mailboxes this is a big obstacle.

  • Richard Valenta
    Jul 12, 2022

    It appears this feature already exists (it is working now for one location) but it appears the reading of the caller ID number is very fast, so our staff has asked it be slowed down.

    otherwise it appears to be working correctly. In Mitel/Shoretel there was an option to press a button to hear it during the message and an option to turn it on/off to have it automatically play at the beginning of the message.

  • Richard Valenta
    Jul 11, 2022

    PS, this was a feature available on the Mitel/Shoretel platform, you could turn it on to always play, or turn the feature off to have to press a button to play the envelope information.