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Status Under review
Created by Richard Owen
Created on Nov 30, 2020

Facebook Lead to RingCentral Create Webinar Registrant


I would like to have Zapier connect a Facebook Ads Lead to RingCentral and Create a Webinar Registrant.

The meetings and webinar functions of RingCentral are fully powered by Zoom, essentially RingCentral meetings and webinars ARE Zoom meetings and webinars with different branding.

It is completely possible to have a Facebook Ads Lead zapier to ZOOM and Create Webinar Registrant.

My colleagues do this all the time, see this Video.

Running A Buyer and Seller Seminar

See the photo attached below.

So How can we do the same with RingCentral meetings and webinars???

This is a VERY useful function that allows Facebook Ad Leads to pass their data directly to the Zoom Webinar API.

This must be possible with RingCentral Webinars since they are the "same" codebase,

Maybe this is helpful. Here is the Zoom API documentation that details the webinar API POST process.

How can we get this functionality working in RingCentral's API?

Your help would be GREATLY appreciated.


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