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Status Under review
Created by Heidi Huebner
Created on Jul 11, 2022

Call Queue Manager Roles - Members Role vrs Member Management Role

I didn't realize when adding users as a Manager to monitor VM's in a Call Queue, the Member Management role doesn't allow them to make changes to messages, such as deleting the messages. This role only allows the user to add/remove members and to log them in/out of the queue. The Messages role doesn't allow the adding/removing of members, but does allow the deletion of VM's. Full Access allows both the deleting of VM's and member management, but also gives full access to the queue and all of it's settings, which I don't want my managers to have. So now our Supervisors, who are in charge of their department staff that need the ability to log members in and out of queues AND need to also listen/delete messages, can't do both functions. It's one or the other, or give them full access (which is out of the question for us). These roles should work like a tier. Messages gives access to just messages, Member Management should give access to messages AND members, and Full Access to messages, members, and settings.