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Status Under review
Created by Steve Wilson
Created on Jul 12, 2022

Add a disclaimer/link or remove non-functional settings from apps that show them as available.

This is regarding the RingCentral MVP app and the cell phone apps and their functionality for forwarding calls. As confirmed by two of your support reps and a support supervisor, the call forwarding from another forwarded call ( Ring in Order ) does not actually work, even from an admin setting. There is a completely different app available ( although it doesn't have all the functionality of the MVP app ) where this function does work.

If those non-functional call handling features are going to be available in the apps, at least put a notice of their non-functionality with a link to either a better explanation or a link to the download location of the alternate app where they do work.

Otherwise, an untold number of your customers are unknowingly making use of these non-functioning features and potentially missing any number of important, business critical calls.