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Status Under review
Created by Frank Busal-1100
Created on Jul 21, 2022

Add URI Scheme to rcapp:// to bring up SMS Conversation

There needs to be a URI Scheme that brings up the RC app to a specific SMS conversation. Something like: rcapp://sms?number=<phone number>.

RC has implemented various other URI schemes for some functions in RCApp, but not to get to SMS?

I strongly feel that RC needs to be to expose the complete functionality of the RC app via a complete set of URI schemes. Its a win for everyone.

URI's make for an easy way to more seemlessly integrate RC & its feature set into customer environments. URI's don't require the end user to be a coder. The more heavily RC is integrated into a customer site, the less likely that customer would be to consider other providers. Its a win for everybody.

  • Cameron Saemann
    Mar 1, 2023


  • Uriel Aispuro
    Feb 9, 2023

    Yes! Please, it would be very useful for developers

  • Shaya Rosenberg
    Jan 12, 2023