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Status Under review
Created by Kelly Manchester
Created on Jul 21, 2022

Receptionist HUD View

Can we please have a more streamlined "Receptionist" HUD view that isn't full of the messages on the right and that is controlled by the Admin? Make it easier for a Receptionist/Switch Board person to easily see all user's status and drag and drop phone call transfers. Just a listing of extensions, their status and the phone. The current Phone/HUD/Extensions list is separate for each user and there is no ability to set a "main profile/look" for ALL users as an admin. Plus for a big organization, that current list can be LONG and not a quick and easy view for transferring calls. Trying to only use the RC app and get away from physical hard phones but we need a better option for the receptionist!

  • Howard Scott
    Oct 3, 2022

    HUD also needs to have the option to be arranged in multiple columns so that more extensions can be visible at one time.