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Status Under review
Created by Dominic Rouette
Created on Jul 25, 2022

Scheduling agent in Queues

Our supporter care team needs to schedule our French Queue in a way that an agent is available for the queue every other week.

Using Custom Rules does not work for that purpose. The closest option is to add a Custom Rule that sets this agent's extension has the receiver of all calls to this queue. However this means that all voicemail will be in this extension's voicemail, not the Queue's voicemail. Therefore the message are not available to next week's agent or to the manager.

Sending the voicemail through email is not an option because of the huge amount of data that would be stored in our google workspace which google will bill us for.

Having the manager of the Queue delete and add agents from the Queue is not satisfactory either since that feature updates very slowly (around 15mins) which would lead to 15 min downtime every time we have to switch agents.