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Status Under review
Created by Avit Castillo
Created on Aug 3, 2022

Analytics report for IVR key presses

Hello, i would like to request an analytics report that will show me what the caller pressed when calling our 800 # IVR. For example we have our 800# and callers get an option for English press1 and Spanish press2 after pressing that option they get another menu with four options 1 - Schedule information 2- Sales 3- ADA 4 - Complaints. I need a report that will tell me what option each customer pressed for the day/month etc.

  • Greg Girton
    Sep 30, 2022

    This seems to be the most important KPI of any press system. Seems totally illogical that this data isn't available. Please prioritize adding it.

  • Michael Chambers
    Sep 30, 2022

    I highly agree. It's crazy to me that there is not an option to report on press options within an IVR. To me, this is a basic function that is highly needed.