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Add "Sections" back to Tasks in the new RingCentral App

In the new platform, there is no way to add a "Section" to tasks.

Our small company currently relies on Tasks in everyday to accomplish our daily responsibilities. We create a "Team" for every client we have. Sometimes the clients need a floorplan created, or an educational tutorial, or a bid for the job. We currently create the Tasks within the client's Team, but then organize the tasks by Section, such as "floorplan" or "education" or "proposal". The different sections helps us prioritize our tasks. For example, proposals are very important to return as quickly as possible, so we keep a close eye on tasks in that Section.

It appears that the new "Tasks" in the new app does not allow us to categorize tasks by Section, or assign them to a Section. Feature request please! And thank you. :)

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  • Dec 2 2020
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Product Line RingCentral App
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  • John Beeks commented
    23 Feb 01:53pm

    Same! We use the Tasks heavily and they are sorted into sections for our employees to keep track of their "Daily", "Weekly" and "Monthly" tasks, as well as our managers tracking their progress. Without being able to sort tasks into Sections, it is almost unusable for us. Which is super unfortunate, as we have enjoyed using the app daily, for years now.

    Pleeeeease add that to the new RC app. We are holding out as long as we can, but without sorted tasks, we might have to look for another system that does what we need.

    Fingers Crossed!

  • Nancy Marshall commented
    9 Dec, 2020 03:47pm

    We use this feature also. Each accountant has a section and their tasks are listed under their section. We need this feature back! I'll stick with Classic until this is added back to the program.

  • Meghan Beavers commented
    3 Dec, 2020 07:47pm

    Hi, our organization does something similar. We create a "team" for every patient under our care and use the app to organize internal communication, share files, and manage tasks. Within tasks we use the "section" to categorize similar tasks so for us that might be "shipment" or "enrollment". The sections serve as queues and heavily influence our workflow. We are unable to migrate from the Classic app to the new app as a result.