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Add "Sections" back to Tasks in the new RingCentral App

In the new platform, there is no way to add a "Section" to tasks.

Our small company currently relies on Tasks in everyday to accomplish our daily responsibilities. We create a "Team" for every client we have. Sometimes the clients need a floorplan created, or an educational tutorial, or a bid for the job. We currently create the Tasks within the client's Team, but then organize the tasks by Section, such as "floorplan" or "education" or "proposal". The different sections helps us prioritize our tasks. For example, proposals are very important to return as quickly as possible, so we keep a close eye on tasks in that Section.

It appears that the new "Tasks" in the new app does not allow us to categorize tasks by Section, or assign them to a Section. Feature request please! And thank you. :)

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  • Dec 2 2020
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Product Line RingCentral App
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  • Admin
    Becky Hensley commented
    11 Jun 04:29pm

    Brian, we're happy to look into this for you and connect with your account manager. Please reach out to us at

  • Brian Sweeney commented
    11 Jun 03:40pm

    Jessica, I'm talking with my "account manager" and he seems to have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez commented
    11 Jun 02:15pm

    Hi Brian, there are different retirement dates for different accounts. You'll need to speak with your account manager to see if there is anyway you can retire later.

  • Brian Sweeney commented
    10 Jun 10:23pm

    Jessica, I was referring to the 6/21 date when we've been told RingCentral Classic will be Retired. Do you have any other information? Is that still the date? Thanks

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez commented
    10 Jun 10:05pm

    Hi Brian, any extension would have to be discussed with your account manager.

  • Brian Sweeney commented
    10 Jun 08:49pm

    Jessica, what are the chances of an extension on the June 21st date? If not, I have to start working on a new solution. Thanks

  • Brian Sweeney commented
    2 Jun 07:55pm

    Second that. Please provide an update and ETA if possible.

  • Nancy Marshall commented
    1 Jun 06:00pm

    Are there any updates as to when sorting by Sections in the new Ring Central app will be released? I just received a note that my Ring Central Classic will end in mid July. This will force us to find a different program to use until this is implemented in the new Ring Central.

  • Nancy Marshall commented
    18 May 10:23pm

    It is crucial for us to be able to sort by Sections. Please add this back as a feature!

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez commented
    18 May 07:04pm

    Hi everyone, I confirmed with product that this functionality is not committed to a specific release date yet, but it is being developed.

  • Brian Sweeney commented
    18 May 06:52pm

    I second that, Jessica. This is be terrible for us. Please advise!!!

  • Guest commented
    18 May 06:13pm

    Jessica, I got this alert today that RingCentral Classic will be retired on 06/21/2021. Can we be assured that we will have the ability to see all tasks organized by their Section/Category by then? Thank you!

  • Guest commented
    13 May 01:39pm

    Hey Jessica, someone on our team said that RingCentral is phasing out the old Glip app soon. Since this "Sort Tasks By Category/Section" feature is an absolutely pivotal component of our company's daily operations, can we be assured that this feature will be implemented before the old app is phased out? If not, we are going to be in a huge mess... Each team member is going to have dozens if not a hundred tasks, all sorted without any priority whatsoever.

  • Brian Sweeney commented
    4 May 10:27pm

    Jessica, thank you for the reply but this makes it even worse. The only way to view all tasks within a team is to use the filter box. Once that's done, I need to be able sort by section/category. Either that, or we need to have a way to view tasks for a specific team like in classic. See my example in the attachment. Thanks for the quick replies

  • Guest commented
    4 May 10:25pm

    Thanks Jessica! I definitely attached the pictures but you're right.... I wonder if this commenting platform won't let me attach images. In that case, here's links to the same photos.

    Old Glip Sections:

    New RingCentral Categories:

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez commented
    4 May 10:18pm

    Thanks for clarifying everyone-- if you go to your lists of tasks, and type in the category in the "Filter tasks" field, it will search for the category. I know it doesn't display in a column, or populate as a filter, but the search field will search through the tasks and display them by category.

    I've changed the status of this idea back to in review, since it was not completely implemented as you all would like to keep product in the loop.

    I'm not seeing any pictures attached-- can you try and reattach please? Thank you!

  • John Beeks commented
    4 May 09:16pm

    I thought I might need to update the app to see the tasks being sorted by Category. But, after trying, then deleting and re-downloading, it looks like you still cannot sort tasks by Category. This keeps our office in the same predicament. It is near impossible for me to keep up with all the tasks distributed to the employees I manage with the current set up. . Everything else with the app is totally fine for us, however, not being able to view all employee tasks grouped by Category is still a back breaker for us.

  • Rick Case commented
    4 May 08:41pm

    Yep, I cam here to say the same thing: you can't see the groupings on the right pane.

  • Guest commented
    4 May 07:32pm

    Hey @Jessica Hernandez! First let me thank you for implementing the new Categories!! It's really great to know that your team is actually listening to our feedback. That's a really good feeling.

    That being said, the latest release only addresses half of the feature we need. I should have explained better originally, so let me try explaining through photos.

    Attached is a picture called "old-glip-sections.png". Notice how the Sections help me organize and prioritize all of my many, many tasks. I have my Sections organized very intentionally in terms of task importance.

    Now, notice how in the picture "new-ringcentral-categories.png" that the tasks at-a-glance do not show what Category they are assigned to. My most important Categories do not get sorted to the top of my list. This means all of my tasks (which are so well organized in the old Glip app) are all jumbled and not-prioritized correctly.

    Unless this is user error on my part, and there IS a way to see all tasks Categories at a glance... unfortunately this means myself and everyone else at our company will continue to use the old Glip app. I hope these pictures better explain our needs and let me know if you have questions!

  • Nancy Marshall commented
    4 May 06:11pm

    I'm not seeing the Sections either.  We already have hundreds of clients
    assigned by Sections.  It would be a monumental task to have to change
    them all

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