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Status Under review
Created by Erika Wall
Created on Aug 5, 2022

Folders for the "Text" or SMS messaging tab on the Ring Central Desktop App

Hello! I text/sms people on a daily basis for my job. Sorting through the long list or searching in the search tab can be quite tedious.

The feature is already in the "Message" tab.

In the Message tab you're able to create a new folder (see Ring1 image or click me), name it whatever you want, move it up and down the list as you please, color code it to your liking and add things in it.

That would be such an amazing feature to have on the SMS/Text tab. Right now it's just a long list of text threads (see Ring2 image or click me). No organization. Having color coded customizable folders to put text threads in - would be perfect! Placing them into TO-DO or NEEDS ATTENTION would be the best thing that ever happened to this tab.

Please consider as the productivity and organization of this tab would increase tremendously!

Thanks for reading!