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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Dan Herrera
Created on Aug 8, 2022

Better fax failure messages and admin tracking dashboard

  • Our company works with fairly large files (5-30 pages long) that must be sent to different organizations exclusively by fax. We understand that the organizations that must receive these files also serve other companies in the country so our faxes may just be hitting busy lines when we send them.

Currently, the fax messages say that the transmission of the fax failed but there is no indication of how it failed. The support article for fax failures only says to check for file size, if there are special characters in the file name and to review network and firewall settings. This isn't really helpful to us because our documents must be delivered on a tight deadline and any delays in our process cost our customers money and we lose our credibility.

I propose that additional information be given to users of the fax function so they can determine how to correct their faxes if it is something within our control. Below are a few examples of useful descriptors.

Failure descriptors:

  • Files too large

  • Line busy

  • Encoding error

  • Sending timeout

It would also be great if there was an admin portal section that could allow us to monitor the account's fax records and the descriptive statuses to identify trends and provide reporting to management since right now we consider document submissions the only evidence of productivity on the team. A report could have the following information:

  • Extension

  • Recipient number

  • Fax file size

  • Date fax sent

  • Fax status [Sent, Failed]

  • Fax failure reason (if applicable)