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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Paul Dobbs
Created on Aug 9, 2022

Make a Swap Users function

In our agency, some extensions are really tied to the program role, not the user.

For example, our front desk staff. If a person who was in the role of our front desk support moved to a new job in the agency, they would not be keeping their extension number or direct dial number. It would best stay as a Front Desk line, as that has become known in the community as a front end contact point.

Likewise, our Resource Room extension is always what it is no matter who that person would be. We needed to swap these 2 roles around a week ago.

If you need to swap 2 people's roles around, it is a messy, long set of back and forth.

(If you really want, I can type in the 30 steps or so it takes!)

It would be great if the Admin panel had a function to let you pick 2 accounts to swap extension and direct dial numbers for us automatically so that in doing so, the two users do not lose their text ,chat, calls, contacts, faxes, and voicemails. It just changes how they can be reached.