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Status Under review
Created by Elizabeth Gallego
Created on Aug 10, 2022

1st and 3rd, 2nd/4th Saturday/Sunday toggle on/off button please

With a button similar to the attached screenshot, customers can create schedules for automation for opening/closing every OTHER weekend or EVERY other day of the week of their choice. This is a must! Would be helpful not only to your staff, but to customers more importantly. My office is working every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. 1st and 3rd are off. Currently the two options for this is to 1. - Create a schedule for every specific date of each month and cannot forgot every date moving forward. Or #2- Create a phone handling setup that I have to toggle on/off to make the schdeule ACTIVE or INACTIVE after every every Saturday. Not ideal. Please add this feature soon. Thanks