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Status Under review
Created by Stuart Gormley
Created on Aug 10, 2022

Add a date/time delay to RingCentral account activation email

The account activation emails expire in 48 hours, so if we create a user account on Friday and send the activation email it will usually expire before the user has a chance to read it, which generates a supoort ticket. If we select send later we need to remember to go back in to send the activation email once the user starts, revisiting the same task twice is inefficent. If we wait to create the account until the user starts this creates delays in updating their phone number in our directory, their texting function doesn't work for a couple of days, etc.. Allow admins to create RingCentral accounts and select delay sending the activation email until Date/Time. This would allow admins to create accounts weeks in advance and have the activation email sent when the user starts work.