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Status Under review
Created by Stuart Gormley
Created on Aug 10, 2022

Create Security Groups for restricting and granting access to phone numbers / Caller IDs

Employess shouldn't have access to phone numbers not assigned to them. Conversley we need the ability to grant accesss to Phone Numbers/Caller IDs to users even if the phone number is not directly assigned to them,e.g, some users should have the abitity to use the main company number for making calls, sending texts, or make calls on behalf of a queue even when they aren't a member of the queue.

  1. By default users should only have access to Phone numbers directly assigned to them.

  2. Give admins the abitlity to create security groups for phone numbers and add users to them, allowing those users to use the associated phone number as their Caller ID for making calls (Caller ID) and texting.

  3. This would elimnate users seeing dozens of phone number in the RingCentral Desktop under the "Call from:" drop down menu, as well as prevent emloyees from using Caller IDs they shouln't have access to.

The underlying security mechanics are already in place for most of this because members of a call queue can use the queue's direct number(s) as their Caller ID, but it does not grant the ability to text using these numbers, which my proposed Security Groups should.