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Status Under review
Created by Jeremy Monroe
Created on Aug 12, 2022

Create Teams with Workspaces

It would be great if we could create a team (public or private) add users and then once the team has been created, we have the ability to create Workspaces and sub-workspaces. For instance, I have a subcontractor I want to communicate with in my RC. I create a team titled ABC Subcontractor and then add the users that belong to that team. Under there, I have clients the subcontractor will handle for me so I want to create Workspace for each client. John Doe Workspace, Jane Doe Workspace. Then under John Doe Workspace, I can upload files (preferably into named folders or at least ability to tag type of file), photos, create notes, tasks, calendar entries, etc. The ability to assign certain users belonging to ABC Subcontractor team to only certain Workspaces would be great also. So user control per workspace would be a definite plus.