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Status Under review
Created by Marty Upton
Created on Aug 12, 2022

Centrally backup SMS/MMS messages in Archiver

I would like the ability to centrally backup/archive SMS and MMS messages for Documentation, Audit, and Compliance purposes (HIPAA) using Archiver. We already have the ability to centrally backup call recordings and messages but not SMS. In Healthcare, there is a need to document SMS consents that are currently being done manually. The sms/mms messages are needed for proof. There is not currently a way to do this according to support and developer support for the APIs

  • Michael Arndt
    Aug 3, 2023

    Archiver has been around for years and still no ability for admins to backup SMS. Kind of crazy.

  • Benjamin Scharf
    Jul 18, 2023

    We need this. This feature would make ring central users so happy! We NEED IT. Our text message system is a complete mess. We have customers that message us with a complex or ongoing request that we want to wait to reply to, however then we get 50 messages with simple requests in from new customers that push our old customers messages down and they become forgotten. In google voice we would archive every conversation once its solved, we NEVER delete messages because they show us the context of who this customer is to us. This feature is not only used by all our staff daily but I am sure other ring central users need this to.

    Please make this feature!

  • Karthik Ramaswamy
    Jul 17, 2023

    I also would like to see this implemented. In my opinion, the backup feature is incomplete / useless without the ability to backup centrally. The provision is already there for calls, so it just makes sense to do the same for SMS. I don't see the logic behind having a partially usable backup feature for SMS.

    Our use case:

    Sales manager should be able to stay in the loop of conversations with customers in case one sales rep leaves and the customer has to be transferred to another representative. Since all communication occurs on a company phone line, there should be no implicit assumptions that there's "privacy" of conversations. Especially if all calls are also being recorded.

  • Martin Barrera
    Mar 24, 2023

    This will be really helpful, the ability to archive messages after completing business, and be able also to unarchive the message again, if the conversation continue later with a message displaying a "unread" mark for it no be notice, as it will not be on the main text screen