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Status Future consideration
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Created on Dec 3, 2020

Dial Action Table

Dial action tables are common on phone systems/voicemail systems and could work similarly on ringcentral.

Could be a widget or something built under call handling and forwarding that allows users to have a 1-5 or however many options, to put in different lines to forward to.

Works in tandem with a greeting that presents options to the user, i.e. Thank you for calling, Please press 1 for General questions, Please press 2 for technical support (and when users press one, it forwards the caller to a line that answers general questions and if the user presses 2, it forwards to a phone number that answers technical questions)

Our current plan which is DigitalLine Unlimited does not allow for this feature per the chat technician I spoke with today so he recommended I fill out this form.

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