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Status Under review
Created by James Buckelew
Created on Aug 22, 2022

Forward Specified caller ID to external number from call group

Currently, if a call is set to forward to an extrenal number on a user level, the Called ID will display as that of the caller itself. What I'm suggesting is that there is an option to forward the call, and the ring group name in place of the Caller ID's phone number or Name.

If Joe calls a ring group, and everyone is forwarding to an external number, right now it will show as Joe Smith 111-222-3333.

If the option to toggle how the forwarded call's Caller ID would display for the external number, it would then show as:

Support Joe Smith or Support 111-222-3333

Use Ring Central's display format with a forward to an external number instead of the Caller ID of the individual that called.