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Status Under review
Created by Jake Anhalt
Created on Aug 30, 2022

Allow Import/Export of Analytics Live Reports Dashboards or Assign View Permission Per Dashboard.

In the Live Reports interface, I can create a Public dashboard for anyone to view, or a private dashboard for only me. When creating the dashboards, I know exactly which queues to include, which sites, users, etc. The person who needs to view these dashboards would struggle to create it; and I don't want them having to sift through a list of 100+ public dashboards to find the one I'd created for them.

I should be able to craft a private dashboard, export that dashboard to a file and send it to who needs it. They could then import that dashboard to view. Alternatively -- allow the ability to create a private dashboard, and allow granular view permissions to be applied from within the dashboard settings.

  • Jake Anhalt
    Aug 30, 2022

    Additional thought -- allow the assignment of dashboards. If I create a private dashboard, I'm the owner. I could then assign that dashboard to a different user, making them the owner of the private dashboard.