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Status Under review
Created by Saal -Houma
Created on Aug 30, 2022

organize messages, tasks and alerts on same

We are looking for a little better way to organize tasks, messages etc.

What we are trying to do:

Organize tasks and messages into some folder or thread that makes it easier to know if someone viewed and if someone acted on a task or message.

Have some way to set alerts on tasks and messages so that the alerts and badges could go to the necessary user and be obvious that they need to act on that task, view the message or alert. When viewed it would be great if sender would automatically know if the message was viewed.

If someone adds to a message thread or task other parties would be also alerted and informed of changes and actions.

It would be great to move tasks, or messages to other staff as needed or put into a different group or hidden when completed.

Currently the way the system works it is difficult to accomplish the things we are trying to do. My office manager gets piles of actionable emails that have no way of being organized. We tried messages and tasks in Ring Central but completed tasks and other windows make following the actionable items difficult. Also with HIPAA compliant messages these are scheduled to disappear before we want them to be deleted. It would be nice to have non HIPAA messages and tasks accessible to any date desired including perpetually.