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Status Future consideration
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Created on Dec 5, 2020

Option to disable email notification for User Detail changes

We are an MSP, and from a Partner stand point we manage Ring Central phones for all our customers. There are some cases where we need to not provide any softphone access and just have them use the physical device, in those cases when the voicemail to email options gets enabled we have to add a working email but a notification over email for any of their User Details changing gets triggered.

Could there be an option where the user can have all the settings or any of the settings changed but no notification goes out, can there be a checkbox to just disable user-change notifications via email?

In this first deployment we have over 180 users and we're not going to give them any access to softphones or apps and when we don we don't want them to get RC emails as it will confuse them as they have no requirement to log into their account or be aware of changes to their extensions, hope that makes sense.


Product Line RingCentral Admin Portal
  • Taylor Wells
    Aug 6, 2021