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Status Under review
Created by Brent Martin
Created on Sep 1, 2022

One-Click ability to reset user settings

One-Click Settings Reset

Ability to Erase or Reset:
- All Recorded Greetings(greeting, voicemails, connecting, etc.)
- All Voicemails
- All Message / Text / Fax
- Reset to pre-defined default PIN, password and security question

The one-click reset button could populate a window that asks what to delete or reset, and with what new values.

We have almost 15k numbers in use and would prefer a simplistic approach to increasing our efficiency in order to keep up with the constant changes throughout the district.

If users are assigned new extensions (emails attached to user account) there is a chance they could end up with access to information they shouldn't have: private voicemails, texts, fax, etc.

Your consideration is truly appreciated!