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Status Under review
Created by Josh Neratka
Created on Sep 6, 2022

Create a way for customer to mass deploy Holiday schedules. Individually going into each sites is entirely too time consuming when you are a larger institution.

Your current platform requires customer to go into the individual site for each location and manually enter holidays. For financial institutions that have 12-13 holidays a year times 20+ locations, takes several hours to complete.

  • Ron Larsen
    Jan 4, 2023

    Commenting partially for visibility. A similar function to the "Copy call queue settings from..." would be easy enough to implement here. Simply create a holiday IVR with the schedule you want and then copy and change the number called or destination as needed. As it is now, the process to update the holiday schedule for 20 main numbers and 13 holiday dates is taking an obscene amount of administrative time that could be better spent elsewhere.

  • Tim Howell
    Dec 2, 2022