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Status Under review
Created by Fraz Hamid
Created on Sep 7, 2022

RingCentral Mobile & Desktop App: Generate Diagnostic Bundle/Data for Admin

It would be great to see an option in the RingCentral App for users to generate a diagnostic bundle that they can then email/send to an admin.

The diagnostic data would contain pertinent information relating to the App and environment to help with troubleshooting issues e.g.

App Version

App Permissions

User logged in details e.g. extention, DDI

Network settings

quality test data

Operating System / Platform

App Settings

App logs (if any)

Note the network settings and quality tests are of particular value. As often issues found appear to be network related.

  • Steve Williamson
    Sep 7, 2022

    Hi Fraz

    This is already available in mobile app. Go into settings scroll down to the bottom, then select feedback, then select Report problem. get users to fill in the details and then once this is sent it appears in one of our support chat groups.