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Status Under review
Created by Huw David
Created on Sep 9, 2022

"Friendly Name" or "Alias" for User to avoid long names showing on Line Keys etc

We have a number of user accounts / phones where the name and surname combined are quite long. This results in the display on the phone to continuously scroll when either displaying the user's extension on the phone (in the top left hand corner of their handset) or when setting up line keys / speed dials. It seems the max length for a name on an Avaya J 139 is about 14 characters before it starts to scroll / truncate.

On one Yealink Cordless handset we have it simply shows initials as there are too many characters!

It would be really good if there was an "alias" field that could be used to set the name that displays on the line keys / phone etc to be different to the full name / directory entry and therefore just a shorter "internal" name for display only for that user or that sites use.

If an alias was not possible, then at least allow the line keys when being added as as Key appearances via presence to have the display name customisable, rather than be set to the full name of the extension.