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Status Under review
Created by Kaci Joslin
Created on Sep 12, 2022

Omit HTML Code in Microsoft Dynamics Chat Activity

We have an integration with Microsoft Dynamics. When chat transcripts save to our CRM, the chat activity is showing HTML code making it hard to read through the activity. We'd like for the HTML code to not show in our CRM activity to improve readability. It doesn't show in other places like it does here.

Examples of HTML in chat activity:

Agent : Ryan - <p>Hello, my name is <span>Ryan A.</font>. How may I help you?</p>System - <html><body>We look forward to chatting with you! While you wait, check out our <a href="" target="_blank" style="color:black">Help Files</a> to find answers to commonly asked questions.</body></html>Agent : Sarah K. - <a href="" class="linkified" target="_blank"></a>"