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Created on Dec 7, 2020

To allow a user to have the InContact SalesForce agent “lightning” dialer open and functional in multiple Salesforce browser tabs.

When using the SalesForce “Classic” dialer, a user could open a new (Chrome) browser tab with the same Salesforce session, and then open the “Classic” SalesForce Agent InContact dialer on each active Salesforce tab. It is common for our users to open additional Salesforce browser tabs to complete different functions within SalesForce (ex: A customer record, a Gantt chart, an inventory record, Geo Portal, and potentially others)

This was not an issue with the “Classic” Dialer

However, with the “Lightning” dialer, the first instance of the dialer opens normally –

And when a user opens a second (and additional) Salesforce browser tab, they receive:

With Multiple tabs open for ease of access, the call center agent may (and typically does) encounter challenges trying to locate the tab with the actual active dial is located.

Our Org recently upgraded to the Lightning Dialer from “Classic” so as the users in the call center were accustomed to having access to a dialer on any tab they were using. Our workflows and business practices evolve around that option. The change to Lightning dialer has introduced a negative impact to our workflows and business practices.

Product Line RingCentral Contact Center