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Status Under review
Created by Medspira
Created on Sep 13, 2022

Manually entered/update Caller ID Name in RingCentral

In RC Admin/User Web Portal > Reports > Call Log, Name can be associated with Phone Number, future calls from the Phone Number will now display the Name in Caller ID.

This function only works for individual RC users. For example, if RC User 1 enters a Name for Phone Number 123, RC User 2 will not see the Name for Phone Number 123 in Caller ID, so RC User 2 will also need to also enter a Name for Phone Number 123 in order to see the Name in Caller ID.

It would be great if when RC Users associate a Name with a Phone Number in RC Call Log, the Name will display and be available globally for the organization. This could be an RC Admin only feature, or to be more efficient this could be a feature for all RC Users.