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Status Under review
Created by Kaci Joslin
Created on Sep 14, 2022

View additional metrics without Performance Management add-on

Rep Performance: Support representatives need to have real time access to their performance data and quality management data. I need a dashboard that shows me the number / quantity of contacts I’ve handled and I want to see my quality scores for those contacts. At any given time, I want to be able to take control of my own development by reviewing my data.

Quality Management: As a representative, I want to be able to see specific quality form questions that I need improvement on. If I’ve had 10 evaluations, I want to see my performance for question 1 summarized for all ten of those forms. I want to use this data year to date to set growth goals with my supervisor.

Performance Metrics: As a representative, my supervisor has set expectations that contacts are an average length, the number of contacts that I handle, and how I utilize my time. I need a dashboard that shows this information from year to date so I can understand if I’m contributing to meet my departments KPIs. I need to know how my performance compares to my team.

And, as a supervisor, I want to see all of the above for my team at a summary level to understand how my team is contributing to the department as a whole without being required to have the additional Performance Management add-on.