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Status Future consideration
Created by Edward Stevens
Created on Dec 8, 2020

Keypad Controls and Voice Recognition Identification for non-RC phones and non-Smartphone Meeting Participants

Although we are paying RC users and hosts for Meetings and Conference Calls, some of our attendees/participants are our customers and are not RC users.

As such, they often use a standard landline and not smartphones or PCs to attend our meetings/conference calls.

In times where they have talkative pets or some other external noise, it would be very helpful if those users could press a keypad sequence on their landline phone to mute/unmute their audio.

As they are not using a smartphone or PC, they are unable to use any type of software to perform such tasks and the external noise can be at times very disruptive to the meeting/call.

We can mute them as hosts, but again without the use of software enabled devices, they would be unable to raise their hand or unmute themselves should they have something to contribute to the meeting/call.

These users need a way to mute/unmute themselves and on a standard lineline device, their only option would be to use a keypad sequence (i.e. *5 to mute and *6 to unmute for an example).

It would also be very helpful (due to voice recognition being very good these days), if such users could speak their name as they join the meeting so that the name appears in the meeting tiles instead of their phone number. Most of the time, we do not know these phone numbers by memory so it makes it very hard to identify participants only by their phone numbers.

Product Line RingCentral Video & Meetings