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Status Under review
Created by Paul Kopalek
Created on Sep 16, 2022

Consistent 'Delete' and 'Mark as Read' buttons on Voicemail

In the RC App on Windows (and the webpage, which is the same thing anyhow), why under 'All voicemail' do some voicemails have:

1) The delete 'garbage can' icon is the second icon?

2) The delete icon is the THIRD icon?

3) The delete icon is literally behind the 'three dots'

4) the 'Mark as Read' icon is ALWAYS behind 'three dots'.

Nearly every voicemail is desireable to process either as a DELETE or MARK AS READ since it's already transcribed, and we're clearing things out. If we can't customize these on-hover items, can we AT LEAST have them in a consistent order? Mark as Read and Delete should always be in the same place to avoid mis-clicking to ACCIDENTALLY delete things that shouldn't be and also to DELETE things we want to instead of literally starting the 'Add Contact' or 'Text' process.


-Offer hover icon CUSTOMIZATION

-Have CONSISTENT positions for the delete, mark-as-read, and other icons

-Show the 'call' and 'text' and 'add to contacts' icon AFTER clicking the message (which shows the transcription)

The way it's currently set up is as if it was designed by a visual design undergrad fresh out of college who's never put together a UI. It looks nice.... until you go to use it!

  • Paul Kopalek
    Sep 16, 2022

    While we're at it, +1 to the ideas about bulk actions. When I select multiple (push the pencil at the upper right, then 'checkbox' a few voicemails) the ONLY option is to delete them or cancel. Why can't I 'mark as read'? Why is the 'Edit' pencil at the top right but the 'delete' or 'x' icon at the bottom? Where's the consistency?