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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Mark Roach
Created on Sep 20, 2022

Group text for incoming SMS to main number

We have potential and existing customers who would like to be able to receive texts on their main company number and have them be distributed to multiple internal and/or external SMS numbers. They would also like to be able to reply to these texts from the main number in order to create a thread for the entire group to see.

  • Cory Hansen
    Oct 31, 2023

    Surprising that a communication services company does not make this a native function.

    There are customers who want to chat with businesses and businesses that want to chat with customers, but the communications to a MAIN NUMBER of a business are tied to a single user- and the ability of your customer to communicate is tied to the availability of that single user.

    It is an unnecessary communications bottleneck that is more than inconvenient, it is costing your customers money because of response times, and it is a problem that could likely be handled by your platform since it so robust and built to work with so many different platforms.

    For what it is worth, we had this feature with a prior service provider but came to you because of the abundance of features but now no longer have this primary function.

  • Debbie Harris
    Apr 13, 2023

    THIS! We have to use the BeeTexting App (and pay extra) in order to allow our clients to text to our main number and have any receptionist be able to see/respond to that text no matter which extension they're at. It works with the Bee Texting app, but there is a really noticeable lag time between when the text is sent and when the Bee App picks it up. We had this with Vonage and it worked great and Nextel is planning on adding this feature as well-so if Vonage/Nextel can do it why can't Ring Central? Too bad Vonage couldn't get their phones system to work or we would have stayed with them.

  • Dmitry Dimitrov
    Jan 5, 2023

    User here, but you can distribute SMS sent to the main company number to an internal number/group.
    If you want the SMS to main company number to go to a group first create a group in Phone System -> Groups.
    Then Phone System -> Auto-Receptionist -> General Settings if multi site select site and then click on Company Call Handling on the bottom of the section by Company Fax/SMS Recipient select extension/group.
    Like most of RingCentral portal they can improve this section as well.