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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Mike Whitford
Created on Sep 21, 2022

Give callers the option to press x to escape from queue.


The only feature I have found lacking in RC is that there is no option to give callers the ability to escape from a queue by pressing a key on their handset.

For example “if you’d prefer not to wait, press 1 to leave a message” which diverts the call to voicemail.

Second example “if you’d prefer not to hold, press 0 to receive a callback” which diverts the call to an automated attendant where they are prompted to confirm their callback number (or enter a new one if they don’t want to use the caller Id of the number they called from). This then emails the agent the phone number to call.



  • Birch McMullin
    May 8, 2023

    Please add this!!!! Some customers would prefer to wait on hold to avoid leaving a message and playing phone tag. Other customers would prefer to leave a message instead of waiting on hold. They should have that choice. They should also have the option to leave a callback number and hold their place in line. Most businesses I call as a customer have something like this.