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Status Under review
Created by Rachel Strand
Created on Sep 29, 2022

Display My Caller ID while on a call

In previous RingCentral DialPad versions, my caller ID remained viewable throughout an active phone call.
On this newer version (Web: 2022-09-19 17:44:15), I was hunting for my caller ID while I was on an active call. In the conversation, a conference call was placed to a third party; then, a voice message was needed. In the voice message, I fumbled with leaving my callback number. I don't make too many outgoing calls, nor do I call myself. When I needed to know my caller ID in that instance, it was not available. My reflex on the older RingCentral app was to look on the RingCentral DialPad, and the newer version required me to make more keystrokes (or wait for my party to tell me the caller ID he saw on the screen). Meanwhile, I wrote my number on a sticky note so that I can train my eyes to look elsewhere.