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Status Under review
Created by Kaci Joslin
Created on Sep 29, 2022

Have OSH Omnichannel Settings trump ACD skill assignments

We would like for OSH Omnichannel settings to be honored over skill assignments.

We've learned that when someone has omnichannel enabled, with chat or voice set to OFF, they can still receive a transferred chat or phone call. We've been told this is intended functionality.

Due to us considering phone and chat to be both considered live pieces of work, we have half of our team set up to take voice and half set to take chat but all skills assigned for when we need to adjust their OSH on the fly to grab a call or chat that's holding.

The problem this presents is that when a chat/call is transferred to someone with this set up it gets stuck in their personal queue and there is no way to accept this peice of work. The only way to clear that from their personal queue is to log out of MAX Agent.

This isn't a good experience for our agents or for our customers.