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Status Under review
Created by Tracy Kozlowski
Created on Oct 4, 2022

Ability to apply a delayed ring to a monitored extension

We are an organization that still has a live answer receptionist and actually use the desk phones to do everything. Our executive staff have administrative assistant's that answer their calls when they do not. Our 10 year old Shoretel System allowed us to assign a ring delay on the button on the administrative assistant's ShoreTel desk phone. So it would ring Mr. X's desk phone 3 times then for 3 additional rings it rang both Mr. X's desk phone and the button the monitored extension button the the assistant's desk phone at the same time for the next 3 rings. This made it clear to the assistant they didn't answer the call and that they should pick it up. If neither answered it just would to to Mr. X's voicemail. RingCentral just rings the admins phone button the entire time so the admins are answering calls too quickly which doesn't allow the executive time to answer or they are missing the caller because the didn't pay attention to how many times it had already rang. We use Yealink T48S desk phones so I'm not sure if it is a limitation of the deskphone or the RingCentral phone system but seems like a standard telephone feature for office environments.