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Status Under review
Created by .Jacob Durig
Created on Oct 5, 2022

"Use RingCentral for click to dial and fax" tenant-wide setting to ON by default

My organization finds it bizarre that this option is disabled (possibly to allow cohabitation with RingCentral Phone apps on Windows devices)

We're looking at a mass roll out of RingCentral MVP app to all users, coupled with removing outdated versions of RingCentral Phone among other systemic problems. In doing so, we're preparing for that mass amount of end user negative experiences with losing click to dial functionality within Windows PCs.

That functionality is set and driven from the option Use RingCentral for click to dial and fax within RingCentral MVP. This is currently a per-user setting that is defaulted to OFF. With a mass rollout to 1000+ users, we'll need to provide a call to action for them to go into settings and immediately enable Use RingCentral for click to dial and fax in order for the TEL: protocol links to see RingCentral as an acceptable app to use as default.

We'd like that option to be an option within our tenant to default ON for all users in our tenant. Since the Default App action in Windows is controlled by Windows-- I'd fail to see a detriment in having the option on by default.

OR-- a "first time setup" screen that asks users upon first time launch/install if they'd like to register RingCentral MVP as default app for click to dial. That, coupled with script to remove the default app from TEL: protocol links (something I have working in our org via PowerShell) would make the end user experience switching to RingCentral MVP much smoother.