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Status Under review
Created by Brandon Lennix
Created on Oct 6, 2022

Auto Answer Feature Management

It would be great for managers to be able to identify which agents have the auto answer feature enabled via reporting of some sort.

Moreover, it would be greatly beneficial if we could have the ability to disable this feature via Role Permissions.

  • Rajat C
    Oct 21, 2023
    We need to have it off all the time or having a feature from admin to turn if off as agents leave their seat without changing it and it is causing the issue. Please do the needful to make it happen Thanks
  • Amir Ibrahim
    Apr 13, 2023

    I do not know how this is not a top voted idea. This has to be a major issue with anyone who has a call center. The fact that agents can have ability to turn Auto Answer on without Admin knowing and without ability for Admin to disable is mind blowing. This feature when enabled causes so many issues...One its creates an unfair advantage in a performance driven environment and two most critically, what happens when that agent leaves their desk without turning it off??? The customer sits on a dead call saying hello hello and no one is there causing missed calls and a bad reputation. This needs to be addressed Immediately!!