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Status Under review
Created by Jon Wunderlich
Created on Oct 6, 2022

CXone start-times enabled to 5 minutes - Admin SU - WFM Daily Rules

Currently, operational hrs in Admin | Scheduling Unit allows only to 15 min mark; same for WFM | Daily Rules shift start & activity relative start. A 5-minute opening activity is needed to get agents up-and-running to where they can start to take the queue calls - this time needs to be scheduled so that it's HR compliant for payroll purposes - hourly employee. In Daily Rules shift start & activity start time, enabling to 5 minute mark allows to pre-schedule this and save alot of manual work-around. Example- 755a for 5 mins so agent is available for calls 8a sharp when queues open. Currently, have to set to 745a start with shift duration 9:15; and then have to manually adjust each agent, each day to the desired 755a - 455p shift and 755a-8a pre-non-call activity for standard 9 hr shift 1 hr lunch. The 5 min mark also would allow for flexibility to schedule at the 10 min mark as well if needed.