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Created by Guest
Created on Dec 11, 2020

Smartphone App Switch b/w Accounts

I'd like to be able to switch between my multiple RC accounts on the Smartphone app without having to log out and back in. Right now I have to log out of the app and then log back in to the app with the other account credentials. (BTW the shortcut for logging in ... can't recall what it's called in the app ... has NEVER worked for me.)

Product Line RingCentral App
  • Kayla Miles
    Jul 18, 2022

    This would be specifically helpful for our integration partners & reps who need to be able to switch multiple instances within the mobile app.
    Is there any workaround on this?

  • Davey Sjoberg
    May 3, 2022

    I would add that this feature also would benefit the desktop app. Messaging competitors have this as well.

  • Marco Bonanni
    Apr 20, 2022
    Like switching e-mail accounts in Gmail
    Apr 14, 2022

    Does anyone know when to expect a feature like this?

  • Ashley Burgos
    Mar 26, 2022

    agreed! I have multiple accounts and had logging out and into each account

    Mar 25, 2022

    Being able to switch between multiple accounts seems like a must have for this service. Having to logout and login to check voicemails, texts or make calls is extra work. Would really appreciate this addition.

  • Guy Ben Shabat
    Oct 2, 2021

    yes this feature is must !!!! i need it to

  • Guest
    Jul 30, 2021

    I really need this as I am part of three organisations that use Ring Central

  • Teresa Fontanilla
    Apr 28, 2021

    We really need a switch account feature on all apps . When I travel it's hard to sign on and off between accounts. Now that Classice RC is gone I don't know how I will travel unless I get two devices. Please create a switch account feature.

  • Carmelo Cortes
    Apr 6, 2021

    This would be beneficial for users who have a personal account as well as a business account. Instagram has a similar feature which works very well.