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Status Under review
Created by SkyRide International
Created on Oct 13, 2022

Send instant text (or canned text) from phone to person you are on the phone with.

This is a powerful sales tool. The user would be able to instantly text the customer information while they are in a conversation on the the cell phone. This could work also while on Ring Centrals office phones (computers). There could be canned messages saved on the system also that can be sent instantly. This is similar to cell phones now that can send a message while on a phone conversation. There could also be an option that can send a canned message immediately upon the Ring user answering the phone. (If the message is not too evasive to the customer). Thank you. Try to implement as soon as possible!

  • Rodney Dybedahl
    Jan 23, 2023

    I would like to see Text message Templates so we could send info to our customers as needed with very minor changes to the templates.