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Status Under review
Created by Dean Eckstrom
Created on Dec 11, 2020

Allows Sites to be an option on the Messages Group Options for a User or Queue

We are trying to emulate a feature in our current Avaya PBX that allows multiple extensions to forward to the same IVR menu. For example dialing 12345 or 54321 would end up at a common IVR at 55500. We have custom hours and calling rules setup around 55500 and we would like those to be honored from any of the numbers that were called.

It is proposed we setup the 55500 IVR as a separate Site, that allows the handling rules to be shared regardless of which original extension was dialed. However to achieve this we would need to have Sites added as an option under a User or IVR Message ‘Group Option’ (ie: UserList->select user->Messages->UserHours->How to Handle Missed Calls->Select Group.

It would be great if a Site with it's extension was one of the object that could be selected in addition to IVRs and Call Queues presently shown. If the number could forward to the Site extension the settings and handling could be shared among all forwarders.

Product Line RingCentral Admin Portal