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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Deborah Tran
Created on Oct 21, 2022

Allow the Same Line to Ring on Multiple Deskphones

As the world changes, more and more people will become hybrid employees - working in the office some times and working from home at other times. The RingCentral Mobile App is not always reliable - I regularly get voicemails from missed calls when the app never rang. The desktop app is more reliable but not always easy to work with if you are not setup with a microphone and speakers.

It would be most ideal if people can have a deskphone at each location. Currently, you need to pay for 2 lines in order to do that because RingCentral only allows a line to connect to one deskphone. It seems like unfair business practices for RingCentral to require 2 lines that sync to one extension, just to be able to have the one extension be able to use 2 phones - one at a time.

I am hoping RingCentral will evolve with the changing times and allow the same line/extension to be able to connect to multiple phones.

  • Danny Garfield
    May 16, 2023

    This is so critical to my business that I was shocked it was missing. I actually bought extra desk phones simply expecting to be able to tie them to the same user extension with the same number. After all, one extension can already ring to any number of apps, both mobile and desktop, in addition to the hard phone. As of now, I cannot use these phones.

    I have people working from home part time and I desperately wish they could have an office phone on both their home and work office desks (one number, one extension, one line).


Allow for multiple physical phones to be assigned to a single user

Some us have multiple offices and workspaces. Having multiple phones assigned to same user, number and extension would be helpful. That way I could answer a call in my office, lab, server room or home without needing to fuss around with hot-desking
Derrick Forshee 8 months ago in RingCentral Phone 1 Under review