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Status Already exists
Created by Alex Ihrke
Created on Oct 24, 2022

Remove the intro/greeting and hold music when a caller calls a direct line

Right now, when soemone calls our main line or one of our direct lines, we are required to upload a 'greeting' or 'intro' before the line starts to ring. This is great for our main line, however, we think that there should be an option to remove it when people call our direct lines. Instead, we would prefer if the direct lines would just ring as a normal phone would before connecting with the person on our team. The reason being that when someone calls a direct line expecting to immediately get the person that they are trying to reach and instead they hear a greeting, they may get discouraged and think that they will have to sit on hold and talk to an operator, instead of immediately getting the person they are trying to reach. By having a normal ring sound, it gives callers a more personal feeling of calling a direct line.

  • James Berman
    Oct 25, 2022

    You can turn this off under Screening, Greeting and Hold Music. Uncheck User Greeting and change Audio while conncting to Ring Tones.