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Status Under review
Created by Hiromithu Ishigaki
Created on Oct 26, 2022

download call recording with the name or number of the caller

Download call recording with the name or number of the caller.
Call recording should at least included the name or the number or date and time of the calls, in order for the customer to identify the call recording easily.

For now customer is downloading the call recording and they are manually updating the file as per their reference

  • Christine Scott
    Oct 28, 2022

    When sharing duties with a co-workers, having a transfer icon button, would be helpful. It would keep the flow of returning and delegating calls to the appropriate person. This is my first time using the application. If I missed something, please let me know. When I want to transfer a voicemail, I download the mp3 message and attach it to another message addressed to my co-worker. I couldn't locate a transfer icon, if there is one, please direct me to it. Thank you.