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Status Under review
Created by Alex Guppy
Created on Dec 13, 2020

Consolidated Dashboard for Multiple RC Accounts

I own four physical tutoring franchises that now have one combined virtual tutoring center where we service our students online. Since we receive calls and texts from all four numbers, our weekend manager needs three computers and a cell phone all logged in to different accounts to ensure we can provide customer support.

We recently installed LiveChat on all four websites, and I was struck by how easily it is for us to interact with customers on their dashboard where I can see messages from all four websites and know where they are coming from. If something similar to this could be done for RC Texts, that'd be amazing!

As for the phone numbers, again if there could be one login that multiple people could use but that would make evident which location the call is coming from that would really simplify our support process. We often miss calls and texts because someone forgot to login to a specific account or the manager of that location went home for the night.

Product Line RingCentral App
  • Michelle Pederson
    Sep 17, 2023

    Any update on the development of this?

  • Alex Guppy
    Mar 1, 2022

    OMG, I would do anything for this feature!!! please please move quickly.

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  • Guest
    Nov 15, 2021

    I support multiple companies with RC, it would be extremely useful if it was possible to have the RC app installed and switch beween companies as needed rather than having to log out and back in all the time. Especially with 2FA this is painful


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Guest over 2 years ago in RingCentral Mobile App 0 Under review